So you like things funny, laid-back or humorous: OK comic pages are for you. Of course every single page will be unique, no two the same is our guarantee.
We will create original animations and mascots if you want them - all part of our amazing service. These can be in almost any format so you can have whatever suits you and your market. They can be as simple or as complicated as you want. The specifications need not be too detailed, a dragon is enough but if you want to define 'your style' then a green and red scaly dragon would be just as acceptable. Our animated mascots are made to suit your tastes and can be whatever size you want but they do take some time. The more detail, the more time is required as all are individual and unique. When ordering please specify the exact size (either in cms or pixels) that you want them on screen.
This amazing little exploding guy measures 218 by 202 pixels
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